I am a kid who finds solace in colourfully highlighted lines that very few can read and even fewer can comprehend

  1. How we improved our app’s performance by shipping the correct builds for arm

    We were shipping x64 builds for all kinds of macs, but that was a mistake. Here's how we fixed it and 0the improvements we saw.


  2. Better lifestyle: reduced screen time + morning routine

    Never knew that obvious changes to my lifestyle would have such a positive impact on my mental health. I go in depth on the problems I tried to solve, hope this is useful and relatable in some way


  3. Server Name Indication (SNI) and virtual hosting

    Serving multiple domains from the same server is very common these days. But how do you know which service will serve the incoming packets if the only thing differntiating the services in the network's perspective is the domain name?


  4. What is network tunneling

    If you work with proxies long enough, you will eventually keep running into the term network tunnels! I have been trying to wrap my head around them for quite sometime now, and today it finally clicked!


  5. Update: Starting a new side ̶p̶r̶o̶j̶e̶c̶t̶ ̶ product

    Been working a side project for a few weeks now, here's a small update


  6. Notes: Computer Networks

    My notes while following the computer networks course by Georgia Tech


  7. Exploring Scion: The future Internet architectecture

    Rough notes while reading about SCION


  8. Notes: Dark web and the onion Routing protocol

    Watched a few computerphile videos on how the dark web works. This a compilation of all the bullet notes from those


  9. Understanding DHCP

    Was always confused as to how dhcp is different from dns. Turns out a lot. But it is also interesting to know the unique case when the work together -- talking with local domains


  10. Understanding why I write these articles

    This piece is for me to refer everytime I start overthinking before writing something new


  11. When a deeply nested dependency breakes local build

    It is common for a node/js project to have many dependencies; that have many dependencies and so on


  12. Request.Credentials: Debugging a client-side CORS error

    In order to handle CORS when returning a 307 redirect, you need to sometimes do more than just return `Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *` in response headers


  13. Choosing between libav and gstreamer for my multimedia project

    A quick note on why I switched from using gstreamer, to libav and then back to gstreamer


  14. Video: First impressions on understanding how it is stored

    Videos are way maore than just multiple images stored together with audio.


  15. Impatience as a young programmer

    Have been programming for years but it still feels hard? It is meant to be that way. And you will feel the agony of not knowing what you are doing, almost every time!


  16. Craft your own browser experience with ease

    You do not need too many extensions. You can build your own mini extensions with just one great extension


  17. Re-building this blog

    I gave my blog a new look. Finally! And, all-in-all, it was a fun experience. Here I share the complete process


  18. Facing the Dangling pointer problem

    Javascript has its ways of reminding me from time to time as to how bad of a developer I am. Here is one such experience


  19. What are Cookies?

    We have all heard about cookies. They keep asking for our permission to stay on our browser. But how many of us actually know what they are?


  20. Cookies: Same Site attribute

    Why are these cookies so hard to share? Well, you know it's not "always" good to share. Ever heard about CORS?


  21. Send custom events to Google Analytics using AJAX

    Send custom events to Google from your backend and create dashboard from insights curated from your own data. Take control!


  22. How to track custom KPIs with Google Analytics

    Google analytics is a great analytics tools if all you want are frontend analytics. But ever tried sending some events from your backend?